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Frequently Asked Questions


about our Supportive Care Facilities

How quickly can someone move in?
As soon as we have verification of a negative TB test, and results from a DON screening from Senior Services

What if someone is from out of state?
We still need verification of a negative TB test, but DON screening will have to take place post admission by Senior Services

What happens if the person runs out of money?
They can apply for Medicaid if eligible, and if they meet the requirements, the State of Illinois will assist them in paying rent.

Do I have to give up my Social Security/Pension benefits?
Your rent will be based on your monthly income. The State allows you to keep up to $2,000 in an account or in total assets and you will keep a minimum of $90 every month for personal expenses.

Can I pay my Medicare supplement?
Yes – you continue to pay your supplement

How do I get medications?
Until you are approved for Medicaid, continue to fill your prescriptions as you have been in the past. If you have a pharmacy card or are on the Senior Care/Circuit Breaker program, please let the nursing staff know and they can fill prescriptions through the pharmacy that Asbury uses.

What happens if I get denied for Medicaid?
You will be responsible for the private pay rate from the date of admission. That is why we like to have all our perspective residents pre-approved prior to moving in to our community. We are always happy to assist individuals with the application process.

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